We believe great technological design can change the world

Harnessing the power of technology allows us to impact people at scale. Taking complex business challenges and simplifying them through design often reveals the true purpose. We believe that design and technology fused together makes for a powerful force that can solve really big problems.

Digital Love Affair

Since 2007, we have launched successful digital products and websites for many different business sectors. We have developed experiences for companies as diverse as Disney and Samsung, including websites, games, and applications. We have a deep expertise in creating extraordinary, visual design and results-driven user experiences.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our culture. Third Cousin believes in long-term partnerships with our clients. It is important that our clients view us not simply as another vendor, but as a trusted partner who will help them achieve their business objectives. And they typically do. That’s one of the many reasons why clients engage with us again and again.

Guided by Values

  • Empathy

    Understanding the pain points, situations, and motives, a user has is vital to discovering the root problem. There’s no point moving forward with any project without first knowing what we are trying to solve.

  • Great Design

    From the user interface to the user experience, great design can make or break your product. That’s why we reiterate and polish until it’s just right.

  • Hard Work

    We absolutely enjoy what we do or we wouldn’t be here. From an outsider, it may look like hard work and, well, they’re right. We just happen to embrace it head-on.

  • Collaboration

    It’s a team effort. We work seamlessly with our clients to achieve ambitious goals. We feel that transparency and honesty go a long way and we expect it from both parties.

  • Excellence

    We believe that the entire process, from start to finish, should be executed to the highest degree, and we always push ourselves to the limit. This helps us grow, sets us apart, and allows our clients to get more value each and every time they work with us. Perfection might not be attainable, but the pursuit of excellence is.

About the Founder

  • Mike Young


    Mike Young founded Third Cousin in 2007, engaging the challenges of interactive media with equal parts innovation and vigor. Since starting the company, he has produced over 900 digital projects ranging from websites to eCommerce to a custom learning management platform. His leadership has guided the company to successfully launching projects for some of the world’s best-known brands, such as Disney, Nestlé, Samsung, and Qualcomm. He holds a B.S. in Technology from Bowling Green State University.