Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera is a distributed consensus startup aiming to be the most trusted, secure, and fastest decentralized public network. We were brought in to increase frontend output velocity and to enforce consistency throughout the website.

Bespoke Design

Every section of the Hedera website was designed to present the company’s message in the best way possible. Multiple iterations were made and scrutinized until it was just right. This process required quick prototyping with high fidelity deliverables in order to explore and validate assumptions while still maintaining a high octane output.

Robust Calculations Streamlined

Hedera’s product team built a fee estimator but it was missing a slick UI. We collaborated with the design team to determine what was feasible with the current structure of the code. The result was this breathtaking work of art.

Make the Complex Appear Simple

The main navigation on the site was required to support multiple dropdown layouts, icons, copy, and remain pinned to the top of the browser when the user scrolls the page. It also needed to account for an interior menu bar that also becomes pinned to the top of the browser when the page scroll position reaches the location of the menu. Behind the scenes, there is a lot going on but to the end-user, it’s an elegant experience.

  • “Mike & his team have consistently shipped on time, even when external factors meant less than ideal runways. Their work has been exemplary & Mike is always quick to respond to any queries. His hard work is appreciated.”

    Paul Bugeja

    Head of Digital, Hedera Hashgraph

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