WedScenes is a wedding website builder that helps couples create a website for their wedding. The requirements were to create something simple but powerful, something that could be easily customized to any wedding theme, and shared with family and friends in a matter of minutes. WedScenes needed a strategic partner to help define, design, and build their platform.

Massive Undertaking

We broke down what seemed like a massive undertaking into bite-size pieces to make the process easily manageable. During the research and discovery phase, we determined that the project required three main components; a wedding website, a website builder, and marketing tools.


Our first challenge was to create a versatile website template that could accommodate the typical information a couple might share with their guests. The template also needed an easy way to change the look and feel to match a couple’s wedding theme. After researching the competition and conducting potential customer interviews we created a single template that supported multiple layouts based on the type of content posted on each page. There are also a few added elements that could be customized to create a unique look. The possibilities are truly endless.

Wedding Website Builder

Once we knew what the end product would look like we could then start to design a user interface that would allow couples to build their wedding website. We wanted a low learning curve so that users of any skill level could create a website quickly. To achieve this we kept the user interface elements consistent throughout the building experience.

Marketing Site

Along with a product design and strategy, WedScenes needed a website optimized to convert visitors into customers. We designed and built a website that, along with a video, showcases how quickly and easily customers can create a unique wedding site.

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